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We will arrive at your home promptly at our scheduled appointment time, fully prepared with all necessary grooming tools and accessories required for your pet's specific needs. Our Robbinsville dog grooming service provides all the same services as your local shop, without the hassle of dropping off your pet for several hours only needing to drive back and pick them up to bring them home!

Meet Your Groomer

Robbinsville dog groomer, Beth Robbins, in front of the Beth's Zoomin' Groomin' van

Professional groomer, Beth Robbins, is the owner of Beth' Zoomin' Groomin', Inc. She is a graduate of The Cherry Hill School of Dog Grooming. While there, she learned to work on a variety of breeds, studying the proper structure and grooming requirements of different breeds. However, each dog is unique and has his/her own needs. Beth continues her love of learning by attending several conferences, seminars and trade shows throughout the year to bring you and your pet the newest and best pet products available!

Beth is a lifelong animal lover with over 12 years of grooming experience. In 2002, she combined these two passions and decided to hit the road and put Beth's Zoomin' Groomin' Inc. in motion! She has been happily zoomin' around Mercer County, Robbinsville, NJ and surrounding areas ever since. Beth brings her compassionate, loving and caring spirit to each furry friend while treating them as her own. The start of each grooming sessions begins with gentle petting and light massage to relax, calm and get your pet ready for their grooming experience. She talks and interacts with your pet throughout the entire grooming experience.

Beth will evaluate the overall condition of the dog's skin, coat and oral health and will recommend the proper products and trim best suited on an individual basis.

We use only quality, natural products for our dog grooming Robbinsville, NJ We only use top of line all natural products. Using quality products ensures your dog’s skin and coat will be kept in optimal condition.

To keep your dog’s coat healthy, remember to brush and comb regularly. This is necessary to remove dead coat and distribute the natural oils to keep the skin and coat healthy. It also is key for helping with shedding.

Beth Says:

“Your beloved pet is a very important part of your family; they bring us great joy and comfort. While my goal is to always keep your furry family member feeling and looking their best, my top priority is the health, well-being and safety of your pet. I will always inform you of any medical, dental or behavioral issue I find so we can keep your pet healthy and feeling their best. I build a trusting relationship with each dog so they look forward to an enjoyable grooming experience each and every time. When their grooming session is complete, you will find them bouncing through the door full of energy to show off their fresh new look and let you know how great they feel!”

Lulu jumps for joy at the sight of her dog groomers in Robbinsville, NJ

Lulu jumps for joy at groom time!