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Beth's Zoomin' Groomin' in-home dog grooming in West Windsor, NJ is a specialty service, designed to bring you the ultimate convenience and peace of mind knowing that your pet is being cared for by a professional groomer providing a stress free and anxious free experience!

My inspiration - Buddy 1995-2007

Buddy, our inspiration for providing top of the line dog grooming in West Windsor, New Jersey Having worked in a 'typical assembly line' style shop, we realized that this is not the style or manner in which we wanted to run our business, nor is what we would want for our own pets. Our pets are a special part of my family and deserve the best care and treatment and so do yours!

Grooming shops are not the best fit for every dog as they are busy and noisy. There is constant barking, whining and crying, along with that also comes the very loud sounds of multiple high velocity dryers, buzzing clippers and other equipment.

Many dogs do not tolerate this environment well. Whether they are young or old, healthy or sick, they can become stressed, anxious and overwhelmed in this type of atmosphere. Grooming a pet in the comfort of their own home, provides a quiet stress free environment that ensures a calming experience and a relaxed pet!

Joey loves the grooming experience our West Windsor dog groomers provide!

Your pets are family members and bring you so much happiness and comfort. They are devoted to you and your family and their only desire is to please and make you happy!

With all the unconditional love they give you, your furry 'baby' deserves some pampering and you deserve the peace of mind knowing your pet is in great hands and enjoy the convenience of having us right at your home, providing dog grooming in West Windsor, NJ or nearby cities!

Many grooming shops have several groomers and feel an assembly line system is the most productive. Here is an example of what your pet may be experiencing while at a grooming shop for several hours:

  • You drop your dog off early in the morning
  • He/she is shuffled in the back and placed in a crate waiting for their turn
  • Your dog is put on a table and is prepped and brushed
  • Taken to the tub for a bath
  • Placed back in a crate with a cage dryer attached. In many shops this work area may not be visible to the groomers, they are often working in another room and this can become a safety issue. Pets should not be left unattended.
  • 'Cage drying' can take several hours depending on the coat, size of dog and how busy the groomers are
  • Brought out to a table to finish
    their groom
  • Placed back in crate until you arrive to pick them up to go home

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